Mon payouts

edited May 2014 in Vertcoin

So I've noticed some oddities with payouts with Mono. Before I started to mine back here, I was mining Vert/Mon on a p2p. I was receiving about double the payouts on Mon then I was on Vert. Now, it seems to have flipped when moving back to give-me-coins. I'm actually earning more vert than I am Mon.

I understand that Mon has a lower total amount of coins, but the difficulty is much lower and the network has is smaller. Is there a reason this changed in a matter of 4 days where I'm earning half the amount of Mon then I was before? Even on Simple Vert I was earning close to triple what I'm earning now (including the fact that they gave a bonus to Mon). Something just seems off. I've earned 40 Mon in less then a week, but moving here I've only earned maybe 2 in more than a day.


  • very strange. ill will check this out for you as soon as possible.

    When i was doing my early checks blocks were paying out correctly. but that much difference in 4 days seems odd.

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