Gridseed ASIC Miners

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Anybody get a chance to try these out yet?

Cost has dropped to $65 USD in volume.


  • they're ok, there's way better stuff coming soon, i wouldn't spend a bunch on them

  • Where are you getting them for $65

  • I have a setup of some gridseeds and no matter what you will have to voltmod them in order to keep them profitable once the new ASICs come out (most likely). There fun to mod but if you have to sit down and do a lot at once it becomes a chore. I just Modded my Gridseed blade today and the resistors are a little bit bigger and a ton easier to mod, although you have to add heatsinks to certain chips. Right now its hashing from 3.25m/h to 3.3m/h per panel and ive noticed the prices have dropped for them. is selling pvolt modded with everything all done to it for about 1k if your not a do it yourselfer with soldering timy resistors. saying that, for $65 id buy a few more just to keep up with raising hash rate.

  • Yeah, I just bought a couple of the 1.26mhs asics today from zoomhash.  Can't afford the 6.2mhs asic :(

  • Gas had them for a batch of 20
    Now they have them for $79 or so singly.


  • I use one G-Blade Gridseed, 5700-6000 Kh/s average hashing power. It's great, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to recover my investment due to the massive wave of Asics that is getting closer.

  • Has anyone had any success in mining with a Gridseed Blade in GMC pool?

    I started mining with a GPU on GMC, and then moved to a hosted ASIC (Gridseed Blade).  This was great, for a while, but something's changed. I can't tell what's changed, because I don't have direct control over the miner config, other than setting the pool url (incl port), and the login.  Such is the drawback of hosted mining, I suppose.

    They're helpful enough though, and I'm sure I could ask them via email to configure it to suit GMC.

    Is there a safe config that I can pass on to the host? It's in the US, with GAW miners.

    Is there generally a different pool or port for ASIC miners, as opposed to GPU miners?

  • What has changed with your gridseed blade thats different?

    I have been running mine, and the one problem I had is the ferrites on one of the boards blew because I Modded it and I guess they got a little bit to hot. Just fixed it today and its back up hashing like normal. Get about 3.3m/h per 1/2 (6.6-6.7 total on average). Its all about the hardware errors as well. If they set the clock frequency to high youll get less shares because of hw errors.
    Need more info on the problem to figure it out like what make you think it has changed
  • Well, there was some news about infrastructure being improved around the time it stopped working, and the blade was moved to another cluster to give it the best chance of working. It clearly does work, but not with GMC, and not with weloveltc.

    I wonder if the IP address of the miner might have been changed by the host relocating it physically.  Would that cause GMC to ban its MAC address for some reason? Just trying to think outside the box, as I can't see into the box. In fact, I've never actually seen the box.

    Since the box is in the US, I've created a new worker on the GMC worker config page and added stratum+tcp:// (and I've tried 3333) with the login details from the GMC worker config page to the miner host's pool config page, and added that as the top priority pool config. Nothing shows on GMC though, and it just keeps failing over to another pool.

    I don't know what else I could try, but it's could be one of the many parameters that I would try if I had access to the cgminer config. The fact that it works on the unity pool, and the host knows enough to make their own miners, just makes me wonder if I'm missing something really basic.

  • Could it be too fast for the port now? It was fine before, and the GPU had no problems, but maybe the rules have changed to give slower miners a chance..?

  • I dont think its to fast for the ports because mine works fine. I would contact them and ask about the config file. perhaps its something on their end. I know some companies are using custom software which could be the trouble. Just to be sure raise a ticket as well and see if its being banned for some reason. Perhaps their new infrastructure is giving the GMC servers problems.

    -raise a ticket with GMC asking if its banned
    -Ask the hosting company whats up with it and why it wont work on the service you want it to
  • i dotn think the system woudl haev banned you directly. If you are sure that all yrou worker details are corret we can go from there. Im available on IRC or via a email or ticket. Hopefully we can figure out where the problem is

  • Thanks serraz.

    I've raised a ticket (please remove the hypens from the email address. The username is correct.)

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