I solved a Monocle block!

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I was just excited, my first solved block.  So I just wanted to share!


  • yay :D congrats

  • Congrats pal!

  • I am concerned...I know i solved a Monocle block, It said in my Debub log file BLOCK SOLVED..but i have never recieved any reward. Did i miss something or do i have to do something to claim rewards for Solved blocks? also i mined all night best share was 41k then this morning i restarted my wallets after pushing the GPU too hard i crashed it..when i restarted the wallets it said that the MON and PLX block chains had corupted blocks in them.. and asked me if i want to rebuild the block index of course i said yes.. what could cause this?

  • i thought N-Scrypt was ASIC resistant why do i allways see the same people recieveing block rewards i have been mining for two-3 months and Have not solved one block..seems fishy to me 

  • not accusing anyone of anything it just looks kinda suspicious to me that the same peole are recieveing all the block rewards and often solving blocks on all three coins within minutes of each other 

  • does this pool protect against the 51% hack. 

  • oh and the Monocle block i solved was solo mined from the qt. not from the pool.

  • regarding the corruption of the block chain does LTC block chain need to be complete before mining VTC/MON/PLX ?

    could that be causeing the corruption or orphans 

  • HELP ME HELP YOU!!! lol

  • i just wanted to add to this that i have recieved all micro payments listed. i havn't lost any coins from wallets ect. these questions are just to help me understand better that is all. 

  • ok you asked alot of questions in a tiny ammount of time... so let me try to answer them as best as i can.

    1. When you find a block for the pool you DO NOT receive any extra reward you just basically have braging rights sayign look i found a block you still get paid as normal

    2. LTC has nothing todo with vtc mon or plx each coin is seprate from each other.

    3. merged mining is a strange thing usally when you find a VTC block you find a mon or plx sometimes both so the block finder will be listed the same on all 3. Part of the reason that we DO NOT give block rewards is that it is based on luck and in a pool anyone can hit that lucky share.

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