How to set up cgminer with my 4890? It wont start to mine at all!

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Hello all!
I have probelms to configure my HD4890 to work. I did all like you already type in this topic
When I click on my .bat file it wont start. I mean, it starts and ends in less then second. I m using cgminer 4.2. in win7 64 bit.
Can you please help me what to do, because I cant find proper miner help in my country.
Best regards from Serbia!


  • You can open up a command prompt and drag and drop your config file to see why its closing you need to first troubleshoot the reason its crashing before you can fix it.

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    Now I tried miner configgen from site but it wont help too. It says

    C:\Users\Zoran\Desktop\cgminer-4.2.0-windows>color 02

    C:\Users\Zoran\Desktop\cgminer-4.2.0-windows>cgminer --scrypt -o http://ltc.give -u xxxxxxx -p xxxxxxxx --shaders 800 --intensit
    y 10 --worksize 128 -g 1
     [2014-04-27 14:49:29] cgminer: --scrypt: unrecognized option

  • I dont know what to change... :(

  • No help serraz? Any tip pls.

  • Sorry about that i had to sleep after my first comment. I think the issue is you are trying to use the latest version of cgminre which cannot GPU mine anymore. My advice is to take a look at sgminer or a older version of cgmienr with GPU mining enabled

  • Awwwww, I tried earlier 3.7.2 and got this:

    exe --scrypt -o -u xxxxxxxx -p xxxxxxxxx
    --shaders 2048 --intensity 13 --worksize 512 -g 2 --thread-concurrency 11200 -g
    2 -w 256 -I 13 --gpu-engine 1050 --gpu-memclock 1500 --gpu-powertune -20 --expir
    y 1 --scan-time 1 --queue 0 --no-submit-stale
    The system cannot find the path specified.


  • image
    I got this now with this settings in cgminer 3.7.2

    cgminer.exe --scrypt -o -u xxxxxxx -p xxxxxx -I 15 -g 1 -w 128 --thread-concurrency 6400

    And I guess it wont start... :(

  • I finally did it!!
    I typed wrong username....rofl bcs I put .1 after worker name as it should be. I changed it in my options.

    And it s making about 150-155 kh/s

  • That's about the correct number for the 4890's.  I used to run two of them and got almost a solid 300 before yanking them for one 7970.  Had em in another rig for a bit but the Power Supply was crap and died on me, lol.  Enjoy the run!

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