Second R9 280X lowering both cards hashrates

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Hi guys,

I have Asus r9 280x dc2t.It gives 750 hash (stable).
Today bought a new Asus r9 280x dc2t.
But when start mining both cards get 500-550 khash.

I use smos linux in addition.
What is the problem?
What do you recommend for me?
Does anybody has the same issue?

Sorry for my bad English :) Thank you...


    1. Check your temperatures
    2. What parameters you are using?
    3. You are using Crossfire?
  • target temperature 72C

    no crossfire connection
  • Youre using wrong config.

  • Can be driver related issue - try playing with intensity or seek through several driver versions. Crossfire connection w/o xfire enabled in drivers does nothing; enabling in drivers leads to minor hashrate drop.

    Also - it can happen your cpu is overloaded for some reason - check cpu usage (and change drivers after)

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