Balance Stats JSON API Additions

What are the chances of supporting within the JSON API the balance stats info that appears on the website dashboard?

Wish list of JSON API data that would be cool to have:

- user balance stats for all coins
- user hash rate rank (rank, coins/day)
- user hash rate history over last 24 hours for a specified coin (at 15 minute intervals)
- network hash rate
- current block
- blocks solved by user

Anything else?


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    Just noticed that the network hash rate "netGhps" has been added to the JSON API data. Cool.

  • Like it :)

    Will do soon!
    Keep bugging me so I don't forget it ;)

  • I am wanting to access the litecoin pool stats without having to be logged in to my account.  Is there a URL that shows the litecoin pool stats that I can access without being logged into the web site?

    Much Thanks

  • public api is

    eg for ltc

    Account specific API urls are located in Account > Settings > API QR

  • @khaos - awesome. I'm working on an iPhone app for Give Me Coins and user balance stats is probably the coolest and most useful addition to the JSON API (if I were forced to choose only one!)

    BTW, I noticed the Litecoin pool shares submitted value is negative in the JSON API. And on the website dashboard it shows "Updating…" Any changes recently that might affect this?
  • Would love to see the Blocks Solved by User added ASAP, otherwise ditto on the rest.  Working on finishing a newer better app and would love the above info in the API's

  • This is probably the one thing missing from the API.

    Even make it a different API feed, but we totally have to be able to view balances from the API. I keep a person page with all of the balances in all my coin-related accounts around the 'net, and without this pool being able to report balances via API, I can't pull everything into a single place.

  • Bugging @khaos to add Balance stats to the JSON API so he doesn't forget.


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    "Keep bugging me so I don't forget it"

    Okay, bugging @khaos to add Balance stats to the JSON API so he doesn't forget... ;)

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