vertminer vs cgminer

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Bear with me, new to VTC mining and trying to learn BEFORE I screw everything up. 

I downloaded the vertminer and the QT client. The wallet (client) looks like litecoin/ feathercoin client no hard switch there. The vertminer looks an awful lot like cgminer, so I looked through the readme files and see they are almost the same readme files as in cgminer, dev is same, etc. 

So can someone tell me if I really need to use vertminer to mine VTC vs using cgminer to mine VTC? Also what is the difference between the two programs, if any (besides the name)? Keep in mind I am no programmer or software developer, just a fairly computer savvy crypto-currency miner and enthusiastic supporter of the decentralized "everything" world. Centralized power (including ASIC mining) is to susceptible to corruption and therefore greed.

Love this pool, I have been mining here since before the hacks and saw nothing but integrity in the people running the pool in the aftermath. I completely respect that! To bad Mark Karpeles and his team weren't mentored by you guys, then again Mt Gox was centralized anyway so no real loss, just feel bad for the people who trusted them. 



  • the current cgminer will only mine normal scrypt coins, it is not compatible for the n-scrypt coins which is what vertcoin is I think. so yes you would need a seperate miner to mine them. so to mine both types of coins you would need to have serperate miners in different folders and switch between them when mining the different coins. one folder for cgminer, one for vertminer. Well that is if you are trying to cpu mine them, not really sure about gpu mining since not got in to that yet.

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