Easy to find a bad one, what about a good exchange?

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I have been mining for a while now, and I want to start trading. However, reading reviews, it seems that a good exchange is very hard to find.

Anyone has an exchange to recommend?


  • for btc ltc ftc i use BTC-e and bitstamp for VTC i use cryptsy or cryptorush

  • cryptorush?!

    Just yesterday they had an inside leak ... "CryptoRush support worker leaks inside info"
    As I mentioned before, it seems very hard to find a decent exchange, and it seems more like playing a roulette with hard earned cryptocoins.
  • I have been using bitstamp for btc, and cryptsy for everything else at the moment.

  • I used Cryptsy one time. They lost my coins for 2 weeks and didn't respond to my ticket or inquiries. My coins appeared 2 weeks later with no communication whatsoever.
    Never had a problem with btc-e.
    I like Vicurex, especially for trading Vertcoin, but they have had theft related issues recently. I would still use them, but I wouldn't leave coins in their care for a long time.

  • +1 for BTC-e, never had any problems with them when converting LTC/BTC. I'm now using Bter for converting VTC to BTC.

  • Cryptsy is the best.

  • mintpal.com, fast easy and secure.

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