Add VTC to the Ticker Bar

Would it be possible to add VTC to the ticker bar?

Also a VTC calculator would be nice. If an accurate one is difficult to program, a very simple one would suffice with a ballpark approximation.

Developers + admins: keep up the great work!


  • which echange shoudl we add? i was thinknig cryptsy but never decided :\ there are too many lol

  • Yea you should def add cryptsy since it can exchange VTC as well as all other forms of Alt coins that might be added later on. 

  • Cryptsy sounds good.

  • edited March 2014

    think i might make a new page to go along with it and see if i can get it to show whats most profitable etc etc some fancy stuff

  • ill get the ticker at least done soon

  • +1 for Cryptsy

  • I agree, cryptsy is probably the best choice

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