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I am not having any luck with the final steps from the site. I there a more detailed instruction page? Linux is fairly new to me and I have not been able to figure out what headers are or what the "appropriate folder in the cgminer source" is. Below is the last few steps that I copy and pasted; you can see the full instructions by clicking here.

"Now copy the headers from the adl sdk into the appropriate folder in the cgminer source:

cd include cp *.h ~/vertminer-gpu/ADL_SDK

Now we have the build environment ready, so we can:

cd ~/Downloads/vertminer-gpu

and use the included script to build with:


You now have a vertminer binary in the vertminer-gpu folder, which you can either copy to your path, or run directly."

Thank you for any help you are able to provide!!!


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    Well I found that those headers were already in the appropriate place.  

    But in case they aren't, I also found them in 
    (assuming you're following the 12.04 tutorial
    There are three files with the .h extension.
    The command cd include cp... didn't work for me.
    Try this:
    cd ~/Downloads/adl/include
    cp *.h ~/Downloads/vertminer-gpu/ADL_SDK  (oops, don't leave it in Downloads.)
    cp *.h ~/vertminer-gpu/ADL_SDK

    Also ./ didn't work for me.
    Try this:
    ./configure --enable-scrypt --enable-opencl

    Finally, that tutorial says nothing about making your vertminer shell script.  
    For that, follow part 4 of the Ubuntu 13.10 tutorial.

    And also, that tutorial leaves out one very important command, --nscrypt as in:
    vertminer --nscrypt \
    -o stratum+tcp:// -u workername.1 -p x \

    Also, I don't like using the pico editor.  I prefer joe:
    sudo apt-get install joe

  • Thank you very much for the response plamtruepub!

    I will try it your route as soon as I can.

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