PowerColor 7870 HW errors

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I have a set of 4 PowerColor 7870s which work fine with no HW errors when mining LTC at 1030/1200 and get around 400KH/s.
I tried VTC and kept the same 1030/1200 settings and used the vertminer.
Now im getting about 160KH/s and also getting dozens of HW errors per second on each card.
I tried some of the settings from the vertcoin-hardware-list, and those also produced dozens of HW errors per second.
I have the TC set to 1280. Not sure where to go next. Need to find a way to eliminate the HW errors first.
Any suggestions?


  • I had the same issue with my r9 270, and eventually found that using the compiled binary from the link below solved the problem - however as a general rule of thumb you should increase the TC if you are experiencing HW errors, and decrease it if vertminer fails to open. Vertcoin doesn't run as well on high intensity as other scrypt coins so you may need to lower this from your original settings.


  • Gave this binary a try using my conf file.
    I had intensity turned down to 13 and still was getting about 20 HW errors per second. Some other posts had recomended using the lower TC because of the memory requirements. Seems like 1280 is used frequently in the verticoin-hardware-list.

  • How much RAM have you got in your rig? I've heard that Vertcoin mining needs at least 4/8GB of memory to work properly (especially when multiple cards are used)

  • The rig consists of 4x Power Color 7870's and a FM2 cpu with a single 4Gb stick.
    I was under the impression that the "memory" used was on the GPU card itself. Does the vertcoin make use of system memory in some way? When im mining litecoin, the system ram is barely used at all, and I don't think any is used for minging except to run cgminer.

  • Yes, I assumed the same but have seen posts online stating it does make a difference (never actually checked myself). Have a look in this thread, maybe you'll find something that helps:


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