EVGA GTX 570 with Cudaminer

edited March 2014 in Hardware

So I have my mining operation all up and running. My question now is optimization. My current script is:

cudaminer.exe -t 1 -H 1 -d gtx570 -i 0 -l auto -C 1 -o stratum+tcp://ltc.give-me-coins.com:3333 -O XXXX.XXX:XXX

I attempted to use (which was copied from the hardware comparison wiki):

-t 1 -H 1 -d gtx570 -i 0 -l F14x16 -C 1

That crashed all over the place. It ran a few and would not validate with CPU. So my question is, based up my current performance do I need to worry about not using autotune? If so, what script SHOULD I be running for best performance? WIN7 64 bit, latest NVIDIA driver.

Those validation errors were about 20 minutes in or so. I haven't seen them since.

Thanks guys!
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