feathercoin not updating hash rate

edited March 2014 in Feathercoin

I have been mining since yesterday and my hashrate and my share stay at zero even though i am accepting shares.

any ideas?


  • I'm showing a 0/0 right now too.  The chart shows 10+mh/s 

  • Ive been seeing this issue the last three days.  It will come and go with refresh.    Not sure what the cause but it seemed to start when they added the first new coin. 

  • I found this when someoen mentioned it to me on IRC. Its to do with the site cache.
    @luetic next time can you raise a ticket straight away i find myself havign to constantly check the forum to find any problems and by the time i see the threads it has escilated into a msssive issue. The support system was built to help get issues fixed quickly.

  • OK we just made a change to cache generation. please monitor over the next 24 hours and let me know if it still happens

  • Will open a ticket in the future.   I thought it was more a cosmetic issue than a technical issue as I am still getting coin payouts.   Thanks for the quick response. 

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